11 Gorgeous Balcony Gardens you will Love

If you live in the city then outdoor space is a premium and you are likely not to have a garden, however you may have a balcony which you can turn into your little own paradise.

Transform your boring Balcony!

These images show what can be done even on the smallest of balconies.

Quick ways to transform your balcony

Decking – With the area being so small you can cheaply add some decking to the area, deck boards can be easily added without any DIY knowledge.

Pots & planters – Pots can add some colour and style to your little jungle space, combined with some tropical plants it can add a touch of luxury, the green plants will take the edge and shape edges off the surrounding area.

Plant Boxes – You don’t have to have all your plants in pots, balcony boxes that clip onto the balcony panels just like a window box, these are great for adding colour and another place to add plants to your space.

Seating – Finally you need somewhere to seat, there is plenty of choice and a lot of small seating options that are ideal for small spaces. A small table and 2 chairs is all you need, or perhaps just a comfy lounger with cushions, decide what will suit your space and how you plan to use it.

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  1. Mr R Poluck MBE

    Hi unsure if you can help us. I am so very worried the fern tree next door has grown taller than out house(2floor) and a loft.
    This year when we had the gale force winds at lease 4 large branches broke. Since then other part of the tree branches are hanging down and other parts of the tree is beginning to hang down. Parts of the tree have turned brown and the needles are flying all over our garden into our house and even onto the roof of our garage
    How can we tell how tall this tree should be as I have been told that it should only be a certain height.and of cause Were it is hanging down we are worried that it could fall down at any time or when we are doing our garden.