Tropical Plants that you Can Grow Outdoors in the UK

Tropical gardens give an exotic and relaxed mood and make you feel like you are on holiday without leaving your house. The tropical gardens would be lush and soothing compared to traditional gardens, and they give a timeless mood.

Tropical plants are harder than you could think and would survive during the harsh winters, and they are low maintenance and thus the growing popularity of the plants in Britain.

11 Tropical Outdoor Plants for your UK Garden

Plant these tropical plants during summer when it is warmer to increase their survival rate. Once they start growing during the warm season, they can perfectly withstand the colder months. If you would love to plant these garden gems in Britain, it is better if you would incorporate them with other British plants. Some of the tropical plants that you would plant in your garden include:

1. Trachycarpus Fortune

Trachycarpus Fortune is a lovely palm plant with fibrous stunt huge fan-like leaves, and you can keep it sheltered from the harsh winters as they are not suited for extremely cold environments.

You could plant this beautiful plant in a pot and keep it in a sheltered environment, and ensure that you water the plant sparingly. You may protect its crown during the winters using straw that keeps the plant warm. The plant will flourish during the winter making your garden beautiful and exotic.

2. Chamaerops Humilis

Chamaerops humilis is a palm tree that looks shrubby and could look perfect for your British tropical garden. This plant is referred to as a dwarf fan, which helps in making your garden more tropical and adds an architectural feel. You should shelter the plant during the cold winters, and do not forget to water is during the summer.

3. Dryopteris Filix-Mas

Dryopteris filix-mas is a fern-like tropical plant that could stand out in your home garden and is sometimes referred to as a male fern. Dryopteris filix-mas plant is a form of woodland fern, and is fully hardy and would survive both in the tropical climates and in the winters of Britain. The plant, however, does not prefer being in hot and direct sunlight as it naturally grows under trees in tropical areas, and it could be prudent if you planted it is a pot under shade to help it grow healthier.

4. Cordyline Australis

Cordyline Australis plant is palm-like but has singular leaves, and this plant is a shrub that is woody and could be made into a tree through pruning and shaping practices such as cutting the lower leaves. You would protect the plant from cold winters using straws and sheep fleece that help keep the plant.

5. Hosta

Hosta is a big plant that can give you a partial or full shade, and it can grow tall if you prune and shape it properly.


The plant has different leaf variations, which can make your garden beautiful, and it should be kept well-watered.

6. Carex Commas

Carex comas are a form of grass that could be planted on the garden beds and suit your tropical garden. The grass is hardy and fine-leaved and comes in different colors like green, white, or rusty red. You can use the plant on drifts as it can give ethereal effect as it can move in the wind.

7. Ghost Lady Fern

Ghost lady fern is a colorful plant that could add color to your garden due to its soft silver leaves. The plant could help break the monotonous green color in most home gardens and could survive cold conditions compared to other garden plants.

8. Dicksonia Antarctica

Dicksonia Antarctica is a tropical-tree plant that originates from Australia, and it is green throughout the whole seasons making your garden green all year long. They can be bought in different sizes making them a great statement plant in the garden. The leaves could die back during the winter, and it could be prudent if you protect it with crown straw.

9. Zantedeschia Aethiopica

Zantedeschia aethiopica is sometimes referred to as arum lily and has white flowers and glossy green foliage. The plant is hardy and prefers being in the sun during the winter, and you could mulch the plant during the winter as it starts fading

10. Phormium

Phormium has trap leaves that help bring some drama to the tropical garden, and they come in different colors such as yellow, red, black, and green. Phormium originates from New Zealand and is hardy and could survive the cold season.

11. Bamboo

Finally there is of course Bamboo, a great plant that installing adds a mediterranean vibe to garden. With lots of varieties this plant rows quickly and is perfect for screening and along fences. Low maintenance and easy to grow and maintain. Depending on where and how this will be planted consider clumping forms to help manage this quickly growing plant.

Most people would love to add some exotic feel to their home garden, and you can achieve this in Britain by incorporating tropical plants. Tropical plants are hardy and could survive the cold winters, but it could be prudent to plant then during the warm season when the weather is similar to that of the tropics. Ensure that you protect plants that are susceptible to cold during the winter using straw crowns.