9 Trendy Houseplants That Don’t Need Direct Sunlight

It’s a known fact that plants require sunlight in order to carry out their biological functions. There are plants, however, that thrive surprisingly well in minimal sunlight.

Trendy Indoor Houseplants

These 10 plants are perfect for your dining room, bathroom or living room. Not only do they add a touch of nature into your house, but they are extremely easy to grow and look after.

9 Trendy Houseplants That Don't Need Direct Sunlight

About these 9 trendy house plants.

Snake Plant (Mother in law’s tongue)

The Snake, also known as Mother in law’s tongue is a architectual plant that is very simple to look after. They can be left for weeks and can survive low light and water levels, also this type of plant has very few insect problems making it ideal for the most beginners of gardeners.

Parlor Palm

This plant grows in the dimmest of corners where no other plant can grow. It is the most prevalent indoor palm variety that’s perfect for almost all situations.It requires moderate light as well as minimal care. In spring, it produces clusters of minute bright yellow flowers. However, they rarely appear in dull conditions.Only water the plant when the soil is dry. Watering it in excess may kill it.

Peacock Plant (Calathea)

Its leaves have a beautiful fusion of 3 main colors: Bright green, dark green and maroon. It is one of the loveliest plants you should be having in your home.It does well in light shade and has strict rules to maintain its well-being. For instance, its minimum temperature should be approximately 13 degrees Celsius (55F).It should also have slightly moist soil. Watering should be done according to temperature and light condition.

Spider Plant

Its beauty is amplified when placed in pots and hanging baskets. It also looks great at the entrance of a home and on the window sills as well. This plant not only adds beauty to your room, it also purifies the air. It has green foliage that are gracefully striped with a touch of cream.Never should you place this plant in the presence of direct sunlight as it could lead to the leaves being scorched.

Peace Lily

What makes the Peace Lily such a popular household plant? It’s care, forgiving nature and resilience. It also provides the room with pure oxygenated air.It flourishes pretty well in shady areas and slightly sags when it needs water. It is better off when it kept 6-8 ft from the window. This will play a huge role in keeping the light levels constant.


This is a fairly simple houseplant. Taking care of a dracaena basically involves keeping the soil moist at all times.Place it in a fairly bright area, such as at the front of a sunny window or through a sheer curtain.

Cast Iron plant

Another great plant that looks lush with its bright green leaves, it loves the sunlight however can survive in shady spots in a room or where rooms lack any real natural sunlight. Another easy plant to look after, just ensure you don’t over water and it is best to leave once potted.


Swiss Cheese Plant, Monstera Deliciosa, or Cut Leaf Philodendron is a large showy houseplant with dramatic foliage adding a tropical look and feel to any indoor space. Ideal for light rooms however shouldn’t be placed in direct sun as it my scorch the leaves. Due to its large leaves it will collect dust so a wipe down every so often will keeps those leaves looking that deep green.


The Aloe Vera plant is a succulent type and loves the light, a slow grower that is easy to look after it. It doesn’t like the direct sun so these are ideal for on a shelf in a naturally filled sunlit room.

5 Other Great Indoor Plants

Below are 5 other great indoor plants that don’t need much sunlight too.


This is one plant that has a variety of textures and colors that each provides a stunning display. The good thing about them is that they have a slow growth. This will limit the frequency of pruning and regular checks.Unlike these other plants, they do not require you to water them frequently. They have fleshy leaves and stems that hold water effectively during times of drought.

Maidenhair Fern

This is one of the most common ferns out there. The glossy and dark leafstalk looks somewhat like human hair. This makes its appearance eye-catching.Keep this plant in indirect sunlight and also water it frequently.

Maranta Leuconeura

Otherwise known as the prayer plant, the Maranta Leuconeura is relatively easy to grow. It is the closest alternative to the calathea. They are both tropical plants and grow in cooler climates.The prayer plant develops better in medium light. It doesn’t have to be kept too close to direct sunlight. Also, watch out for the pests, most especially the spider mites.

Golden Pothos (Devil’s Ivy/Money Plant)

This plant is more prevalent in Asia (specifically, South East Asia). In fact, it’s actually referred as ‘money plant’. It is believed to bring its owner good fortune and wealth as well.It has leaves that grow on long tendrils that can either hang or climb. The best thing about it is that it’s absolutely low maintenance.The soil may be dump, but try not to saturate it. Take time to trim the tendrils once they grow too long.


Mostly found in Brazil, the Bromeliad does well in humid and home temperatures. It comes in a variety of sizes, textures, shapes and colors.Its appearance generally gives the impression that it requires exceptional gardening skills. Its thick foliage grows splendidly in a natural rosette.It has sword shaped leaves that grow beautifully around a central cup-like structure. They’re easy to grow and easy to maintain as well.

Which plants will you be buying? And which plants to you have in your home?

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  1. Verna Duff

    I love houseplants,I only have three but I love them & I am in a wheelchair so it’s therapeutic to take care of them which I enjoy,I hope to have more next spring.