Jungle Nursery Theme Decor Ideas

Expecting a little bundle of joy is the best time of anybody’s life. You want to be prepared for their arrival, buy clothes, toys, diapers, and all that exciting stuff that makes their arrival smooth. Among the preparations that you make, the most crucial is and also exciting is preparing their nursery.  Nurseries are vital for babies because it where they develop, and it’s the first environment they become familiar with the first few years of their lives. You, therefore, want to make sure that you prepare it the best way possible. Preparations include buying baby furniture and doing great décor for your little one to enjoy.

Jungle Nursery Decor

Deciding a décor theme for the nursery is the first step in the preparations. A theme will guide you in all the decisions that you make. These decisions include choosing furniture for the nursery. For example, the baby coat, floor rugs, resting chair, wallpaper, the color of paint, wall hangings, lighting, finishes, wall stickers, or other accessories you might want to add.
There are hundreds of different themes you can choose. Today we focus on a jungle theme décor for a nursery.

Jungle themed décor is a fun way to help your child familiarize themselves with different animals as the diversity of them will create a sense of curiosity.  Just because it’s a jungle theme doesn’t mean you buy all the animal toys in the store and fill them in the room. Your main aim should be to create a relaxing place, as that is the room that your baby will use most when they want to sleep or play.

Color is very crucial in any theme, for it is what makes the theme come alive. A jungle theme will mean that you will have a lot of green and its hues. A hue of green means that you’ll have the green color, then jungle, green, lime green, a hue is sort of one color, and its different shades. Once you’ve chosen the green shade that you like, you could choose to either paint three of your four walls, then reserve the fourth wall for a mural or wall stickers so that it becomes the center of attention in the room when someone walks in.

It is crucial to remember that you’ll want to add other things such as accessories rags and covers for the baby coat and so you have to be aware of color co-ordination to avoid clutter. Do not use only one shade of green for everything in the nursery as this will wash out the décor and create boredom.

Centre of attention
The center of attention is the wall that you chose to add more things after painting the other three. You are free to use this wall with part of the ceiling or floor that is attached to it. You have different options for these walls, so make sure you are as creative as possible as three are no limits. The only restriction is that it doesn’t create clutter.  You can use wall stickers of different trees to create an actual jungle or use stickers of various wild animals like giraffes, lions, zebras, monkeys, etc. use the ceiling above the wall to extend the leaves on the trees and create a sky background. Using animals that have patterns on them such as giraffes, zebras, tigers, cheater gives you a guideline for using patterns on rags, throw pillows curtains, etc. which will tie your room together.

Accessories keep the room from looking empty, and they help in bringing your theme even more alive. Place a massive giraffe beside the baby’s coat. If you chose to use stickers for trees on your wall to create a jungle, then the rest of your accessories can lean towards animals. Place a patterned giraffe rug that matches the giraffe at the foot of your child coat in the middle of the room. Place a chest of drawers on the wall with the jungle stickers, and place pictures of baby animals framed and placed there with witty messages on them to make it fun and playful. You can place a puff in the room that either I shaped like an animal, or has a jungle color on it. Accessories are very many all you need to know is how to introduce them into the room without overdoing it or creating clutter.

Lighting is a fun way of bringing alive your jungle theme. You could choose a lampshade and have the shade covered in different animals such that when the light is on, it reflects the animals all over the room, this might get tiresome at some point, therefore, make sure to have an alternative source of light. Turn an animal sculpture into a light source, for example; you could have a monkey hold up a bulb that looks like the moon and which provides light. A chandelier with monkeys hanging from it and bulbs under them for light is also a creative idea.

You can do whatever you like with the above elements and come up with a fantastic outcome of a jungle-themed nursery. If you master the above instructions of balancing colors, avoid clutter by making sure you do not overdo things, and using accessories to bring your idea and vision to life. You have nothing to worry about, enjoy the experience, and concentrate on the arrival of the little one.