Majorelle Garden, Marrakech, Morocco

I just love mediterranean gardens and the bright coloured style of a Moroccan garden or courtyard is just beautiful. I had the pleasure of visiting the Jardin Majorelle (Majorelle Garden) in Marrakech, Morocco, one of the most visited botanical gardens in the country,

The garden is the hard work of French painter Jacques Majorelle where he created this beautiful space between1886-1962, taking him forty years to create this garden in the heart of the “Ochre City”.

Full of beautiful palms that create beautiful shade effects on the tiled pathways, little streams and the sound of water makes this a gorgeous place to relax and take in the peace away from the sounds of a bustling Marrakech. The intense bright colours make this a colourful spot and the strong blue is used through out in different areas, with this colour the artist perceived in the Atlas Mountains.

There are around 30 varieties of cacti in the cacti gardens, and the aquatic plants in the bright blue water lily pool is a beautiful sight.

Here are a selection of photos from my trip round the gorgeous Jardin Majorelle.

If you haven’t been before then if in Marrakech it is certainly worth going round, there is a lovely little courtyard area where you can sit and have a drink, with the intense heat they spray water down creating a cooling mist perfect for the plants and also everyone sat down there too!


  1. Steve Bracebridge

    How much room do I give the tree fern trunk to outside of pot, also how much deeper do I go. Is I right , you can give them too much room around the trunk ? Is there a guide to gauge the surrounding of the trunk?

  2. Donna Webb

    My home has very poor lighting from my windows and inside my home can you recommend a light that will help me with my succulent plants? I found one on Amazon

  3. Dan Byrne


    I’ve just purchased and sited 2 Dicksonia Antarctica, both 6’ trunks.
    They look great but would like to somehow ‘train’ the fronds that are approx 8’ in length! They are slightly exposed and the wind and rain is effecting them a little more than I expected. Is there a tried and tested method of retaining their shape in a more erect style? I am contemplating creating a rubber coated wire ‘crown’ to the top of the trunk to provide an anchor point for each frond – I personally think this would work but any advice would be much appreciated. As you can imagine, these weren’t cheap so would like to have them displayed at their best potential. Thanks. Dan

  4. Steve Bracebridge

    Succulents, as they don’t like being over watered, what about autumn and winter where nature takes over. They are in well drained soil, also do they need fleece protection because of frosts and freezing snow ?


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