9 Outside Jungle Showers you will want to Use!

There is something amazing about being outside with nature while having a shower, or perhaps a soak in the bath. Hotels in tropical climates often have outside tropical showers for you to relax and enjoy, as well as bathtubs with a view, be it over a tropical garden or waterfall.

Outdoor Showers and Bathrooms

Here are 9 lush showers and bathtubs that are all outside, and look ever so relaxing and inviting.

Outside showers can be created on a deck or paved area, lushes green tropical  plants around the area give a relax and natural feel to the space. While they look great they are also not very expensive to install, just a water pipe and tap with a shower head, you could even run it off collected rain water too. As you are outside to water may not need much drainage, it could run off into a nearby flower bed where you could grow plants that love damp moist conditions.

Sunrise or sunset, an outdoor shower is a great experience and a great way to relax and feel with nature.

Who would have one if they could?

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  1. Nicola

    I would like a jungle shower installed next to my garden room.My garden isn’t overlooked.I would like a shower using wood and some of my own plants for screen.I would also liked it screened with bamboo as well.